Celebrate in Style

Celebrate in Style

Bring stylish fun to your next celebration!

Set the stage and protect your furniture with classy gold foil letterpress on recycled white paperboard Coasters depicting champagne flutes. Treat your guests like royalty with Golden Paper Crowns and let their wishes soar with the experience of Wish Papers*! Add more fun to the party with Mini Champagne Bubbles and Surcies  (an unexpected little gift – a South Carolina tradition) which are filled with a fortune, charms, crystal or gem, sweets and more!

After all, there’s always something to celebrate – why not do it in style?

Basic Celebration Includes: 1 box of 10 Coasters, 3.5 inch diameter; 1 tube of 10 Wish Papers (* write a wish, or just make a wish, crumple the paper, then smooth it out. Form into a cylinder and place vertically on a plate. Light it at the top. As the paper becomes ash, it will lift up into the air. Catch it as it comes down – your wish will be fulfilled!); 1 envelope of 8 Golden Paper Crowns; 1 artist-embellished Matchbox (not pictured)

To complete the celebration choose to add Surcies and mini Champagne Bubbles.

Can be Gift Boxed with colorful tissue and ribbons – Request at checkout in Special Instructions Box.

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