Zents Lotions

This ultra-hydrating hand and body lotion is packed with 100% organic shea butter and natural humectant Sodium PCA, which draws and holds moisture to hydrate, plump lines, and improve skin's elasticity.  Its antioxidant green tea and Vitamin E formula aids skin cell regeneration to improve the appearance of aging, ease wrinkles, and soothe sun damaged skin. 

ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER – Rich emollient that traps moisture, promotes elasticity, protects against sun damage, and fades age spots; sustainably and ethically hand-harvested from an African tree nut 

SODIUM PCA – Natural humectant that attracts and retains moisture to hydrate the skin, plump lines, and help skin elasticity

GREEN TEA – Antioxidant, protects skin from free radicals, anti-inflammatory

VITAMIN E – Potent antioxidant vitamin, offers a host of benefits when used every day as well as directly after sun exposure; protects skin from cancer-causing free radicals and sun damage, promotes skin cell regeneration, helps wrinkle reduction 

Shea Butter Hand & Body Cream, 6 fl oz / 180 ml