Wishing Ball & Gratitude Globe

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A piggybank for wishes, dreams, blessings, and thank yous!  Write your message of hope or gratitude on a page of the included notepad, tear out the page, roll it up, focus on your wish and then tuck the paper inside the globe for safe keeping. Wishing Balls make great social gifts: given at a baby or bridal shower, a birthday, graduation or house warming, each guest can write their wish for the guest of honor, creating a lovely keepsake of the event. Wishing Balls can also be very personal, private totems.

Each notepad contains 52 pages, inviting you to pause once a week for a year to either consider how much there is to be grateful for, even in difficult times, or to give yourself a little pep talk and renew a wish related to a goal you are working toward. Each Wishing Ball will hold 104 wishes.

The Wishing Balls come empty, ready for your own wishes.     

Size: Approximately 4" tall, 3 3/4" in diameter. Each Wishing Ball & Gratitude Globe comes packed in an individual gift box with a 52-page notepad. Handmade in Rhode Island by Henrietta Glass.

NOTE: variant listed as One-of-a-Kind is different than pictured - it has peach instead of purple.

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