Loving Cup tea

Want to show affection to your sweetheart? You can give them chocolate and flowers, or how about a tisane with both? This blend aims to stir feelings of love in you and your partner. A base of cacao nibs full of theobromine (to inspire love), with added damiana which aids in relaxation and improves blood flow to the extremities. Oat seed is added as a further relaxant and also adds richness to the mouth feel of the blend. A beautifully aromatic tea, with orange peel, orange extract, and real organic vanilla bean lending a rich and spicy nose.

Packaged in a whimsical test tube, this flavorful blend makes a perfect gift for the tea-lover in your life!

A custom blend from B. Fuller's Mortar & Pestle in Seattle, WA. Each tube contains about seven servings.

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