Tea Samplers

Tea Samplers

A "starter kit" for the tea-curious: three samples of three unique blends, each in a glass vial the right size for one pot, and packaged in a lovely gift box with information about the blends and steeping instructions.

The Green Sampler: This fancy little set allows you to experiment with the lovely and subtle flavors of green tea!

3 different teas are offered: Sencha Saga - A high grade Japanese tea from Shizuoka (Tranquil Hills) Prefecture. The dark, shiny leaves produce a strong, sweet, grassy flavor with a perfect balance of umami and nutty, rice notes

YunWu- Organic Cloud Mist high elevation green is a tight curl, vibrant green leaf offering a light, citrus flavor, with a bright yellow liquor. A classic green tea.

Dragonwell - The classic Dragon Well tea from Hangzhou, China, is a broad, flat leaf with a slight gloss. Our type creates a lovely sweet cup with a vegetal finish. Try steeping it for less than two minutes with water at approximately 190 degrees- you will be happy, and find you have time for a second cup.

A selection of custom blends from B. Fuller's Mortar & Pestle in Seattle, WA.

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