Honey and Jam - Baking Book


by Hannah Queen

Relatively simple seasonal baking, these recipes use what is in season - rhubarb and strawberries in Spring, apple and pumpkin in Fall. The beautiful photos of the author's Appalachia Mountains home, fruits and finished recipes make this a delight to spend time with even when you are not in the mood to bake. There is a helpful section on buying and storing fruit and vegetables at their peak, and one on Pantry Staples, Supplies and Techniques.

I personally love the look of this book, inside and out. The binding is reminiscent of one of Grandma's old tea towels, and it's chock full of transcendent photographs, both of food and landscape, taken by Hannah herself!

Abrams, 224 pages, 7.6 x 9.1 x 1 in size

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