The World of Tintin

With one of the largest Tintin selections on the West Coast, Crackerjack Crafts is pleased to offer a wide variety of collectibles including keychains, toys, coffee mugs, and of course the books that first shared Tintin's adventures with the world.

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Created by Belgian illustrator Herge (the pen name of George Remi), Tintin made his debut on January 10th, 1929, in the weekly children’s newspaper Le Petit Vingtieme, with the story Tintin au Pays des Soviets (Tintin in the Land of the Soviets). With each new adventure, Herge would immerse himself in press cuttings and information on the subject he was to tackle; for Tintin's adventure The Blue Lotus, Herge consulted a Chinese art student living in Brussels, so that every street sign and wall hanging would be correct. More than 85 years later, the twenty-three Adventures of Tintin stories have been translated into 51 languages and published throughout the world.

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